marketing has changed yet So Much is still the same.

The key is to ensure your marketing will convert Into sales or clients

Over a 40+ year career in sales and marketing at all levels from small business through to multinational corporations so much has changed yet at the same time so much of what we do remains the same.  The basic principles still apply.

Effective marketing strategy, implementation and management via planning and day to day control.

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The key to marketing that converts is that the strategy has been addressed before implementation


Once you know what your want to achieve you can then build your online assets. This however is confusing with many options.


Once your marketing is up and running the next major step is to determine if it is working and how it can be tweaked for optimal results.


Daily management of your online business is stressful & time consuming. Put it in the hands of someone who will remove that stress and give you back the time you need to drive your business forward.

How can I help you succeed?

- Kareema R -

Consulting & Training
Marketing * Sales * Online Business Management

Transparent, honest, knowledgeable, marketing funnel genius, insightful, actionable advice, superb mix of sales and strategy, refreshing, under promising and over delivering, passionate storyteller, gifted copy writer, respectful and attentive.

These are just some of the ways the real business owners talk in the testimonials on this site.

Now you have the opportunity to work with me to change the face of your business and your life forever.


Marketing Strategy

This is the most important part of business setup or growth. Who are your target clients, where are they hanging out, what do you need to do to connect with them?

Marketing Implementation

Working across hundreds of platforms means I know what works and what doesn't. Providing you with cost effective solutions and taking the pain out of implementing them.

Marketing Reporting

Having a strategy is great but is it working and how can it be improved? Many business owners have no idea if marketing is working
What are all those numbers telling you?

Website Design & Editing

WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix.
I build and edit any of these platforms with an emphasis on sales or client conversions.

Paid Advertising

Meta (Facebook + Instagram), Google Ads, LinkedIn, Tiktoc, Twitter, Pinterest. Which of these is "the best" and how do you succeed?

Project/Operations/Online Business Manager

Trying to juggle all of the elements required for successful online management of your business is time consuming and hard. Employing a person who has years of experience will take a great deal of stress out of your life.

Let's work

Your business is important to you and you are the one who knows it best. My approach is to work closely, hand in in hand with you to achieve a result that you are proud to implement.  That can be short term helping you to refine or implement your marketing or it can be longer term working as your trusted right hand manager on project/operations or online business management services.

Through the wonders of the internet I can and do work for people all over the world.

I am happy to work international and Australian hours. 

I work only as an Independent Contractor with an Australian ABN.


Light Reading from 40+ years of marketing

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