My Story

It has been a long road of decades of sales and marketing experience!

Combining a lifetime passion for healing and intuition with a 3 decade career in marketing and sales my days are spent helping people who have a killer idea succeed at levels beyond their expectations. Helping business owners to start or to scale to 6 or 7 figures profitability and with less work.

Dispensed with refreshing humour, practicality and common sense.

I am humbled by the number of times I am told that I inspire and motivate many people daily.

My work career over 40 years has ranged from  large multinational Fortune 100 companies, government, private enterprise, community organizations, education sector to time as a small business owner. This depth of experience has ensured I understand your problems. Such a long time period has also helped me to  develop a wide range of business and personal skills.

I know what  works and what doesn’t. Strong analytical skills mean that if I don’t know the answer to something I know where or how I can find it out quickly. The many years in as an online marketer means I have an extensive list of contacts who are only too happy to help me out.

I first started working in sales and marketing in 1981 selling Avon door to door. In 1988 I move full time into sales becoming a Representative with Merck, Sharp & Dohme. This exposure to marketing by a multi-million dollar multinational Fortune 100 company provided a solid basis for my skills which was further consolidated by working in sales and marketing with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

The analysis of name, colour, images and customer response taught by agencies and marketing professionals who had large sales targets to achieve was critical to learning how to produce marketing that converts.

Then moving into marketing my own businesses with zero marketing budgets created skills that ensure my solutions are cost effective and as automated as possible. I understand the angst of being a start up with minimal cash flow.

I love the challenge of producing systems that work for as little cost as possible and this has been the impetus behind the development of the systems that are used in all my services. If there is a more efficient way to do it you can be sure I will find it.

My focus is on analysing your needs and producing a system /service that best meets those needs for as little cost as possible using a data driven approach that has been tried and tested hundreds of times.

My experience has been gained via a 40 year full time work history in retail sales, Pathology (private and hospital), Pharmaceutical Industry, Pet Shop, Animal Food manufacturer, Certified Groomer, Certified Trainer, Psychic and Healer.


Just got off strategy call with Kareema, what a lady... she understands marketing like no-one else I've spoken to, I'm a marketer, but the knowledge she has is so insightful & more importantly actionable! get in touch with her if your business could use a helping hand!!!
Mark Wallace
Dotrise Digital
Kareema is a superb mix of sales and strategy being able to exert tremendous life experience and abilities to help business get real results. I enjoy how you get the straight honest answer with Kareema which is so refreshing in a landscape of over promising and under performing.
Andy Seeley
Creatively Disruptive
This team has amazing insight and will help you re-focus on what is important for either your business or your client's business. Kareema is a marketing funnel genius and understands both the consumer facing product / service advertising aesthetics as well as how to garner all of the analytics to continue to reach the right target audience and increase leads / sales.
Caroline Fisher
Painted Wolf Marketing

Qualifications and Achievements

  • Graduate of Cat Howell’s FATC vs 1.0 and 2.0 and her Academy Program – member of the month – Oct 2017
  • Cat Howell FATC Program – member of the month – Sept 2017
  • Member of the Cat Howell Facebook Mastermind Group (Oct 18 – July 18)

  • Graduate of Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer Program – Graduate Sept 2018
  • Dan Lok Inner Circle member – Sept 2018 – Dec 2018 
  • BachAppSc(Biomed) – UTS Sydney,
  • AssDip(IT) – Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga
  • Certified Companion Animal Hygenist(WWPSA)
    MedRep – Australian Pharmaceutical Manufacture’s Association
  • Cert IV Companion Animal Services
  • Cert II Business Services – OTEN 
  • Ex Radio Presenter – All Things Animal Program 2NVR -105.9FM 
  • Certified Angel Card Reader
  • Reiki Master Healer (Animals and People) 
  • Advanced Certificate in Counselling (Currently Studying)
  • Numerous short courses in all aspects of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Online Marketing Foundations
Marketing on Facebook
Marketing on Instagram
Content Marketing Foundations
Social Media Marketing Foundations
Social Media Marketing: ROI
Social Media Marketing: Strategy and Optimization
Email and Newsletter Marketing Foundations
Introduction to Graphic Design
Google Analytics Foundations
SEO Foundations
Google Adwords Foundations
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