My YouTube Story

It has been a long road of decades of sales and marketing experience and now is the time to document as much of that knowledge as possible. 

40+ years of working in sales and marketing with many of those years working online since the online world was invented means that my head is crammed with literally terabytes of information. I have started streaming live on YouTube. My aim is to document some of that information for cash strapped, start up business owners who don’t have the money to pay agencies.

Generally I go live most Fridays at about 11.30 am (Sydney time) or so however the sessions are recorded and stored on my YouTube channel so that you can conveniently watch them at a time that suits you.

The channel is called Marketing that Converts with Kareema

YouTube Playlists

Behind the Scenes of Common Website Platforms
These are also available in a playlist on my YouTube channel





DIY Meta Ads (FB and IG)
These are also available in a playlist on my YouTube channel

Are you ready to do Meta (FB+IG) ads

What do all the numbers mean?

Instant Experience Ads

Ad Setup for Retargeting Ads

Ad Setup for Lead Generation

How do you build audiences?

Meta Business Manager walk-through

Building Reports

Exposing Fake Meta Metrics

Deleting a Meta Business Page

General Marketing Topics

Generating leads for those who run professional services businesses.

Using Pinterest for best results

Using Meta Ads to drive Instagram traffic

Using the 4 communication styles to drive sales and leads

Information and website view were correct as at the time the video was made but these platforms change all the time.

Website Free Audit February
These are also available in a playlist on my YouTube channel

February 28th

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