Don’t Panic – Actions You Can Take Right Now!

The first most important thing to do right now is to “Breathe”

There is no doubt that we are facing a major worldwide event but this is not the first time the world has and it might not be the last.

 There are things you can do that will help ensure you and your business survives this. 

Recession and even economic depressions have happened before. Interesting some of the most innovative, ground breaking new business models have come from recent recessions and even depressions.  However the trick is to survive them, marshal your resources and remember not to be taken in by the atmosphere of doom and gloom. 

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In uncertain times the tough get going.
They innovate and pivot to meet new and evolving marketplaces.
They create their own opportunities and disrupt business models.

What we don't know

  • How long this is going to last?
  • Sadly, how many people will die
  • What new conditions Governments may impose on us short and long term?
  • What the business environment may look like short and long term?
  • How this will change buyer behaviour – but we can make educated guesses?

What we do know

  • The number of people looking at social media is well up – estimates say by about 20%
  • There has never been a cheaper time to advertise as ad spend on FB is significantly down
  • More and more people are discovering that they can buy via the internet
  • We will need to pivot and innovate to survive
  • It’s going to be tough for a while but will get better
  • If you don’t stay front of mind with your ideal client your competitor will
  • Many businesses are still making money right now
  • It’s a great time to work on your business strategy and infrastructure – get that to do list right down to zero
  •  Take the time to self care, be there for your family, your pets and yourself
  • You don’t need money to innovate and pivot
  • If you don’t know how to keep your business alive then reach out. So many top marketers are currently offering free or heavily discounted services.
  • Businesses are needing to find ways to work with virtual teams.
  • You need to look after those clients who are staying with you. Don’t do what I have seen other business owners do, which is to tell them not to keep buying your services. Be careful what fears you have that you infect your clients and staff with. 
  • Don’t wait forever to come out the other side. It is better to be too fast than too slow.

Build Relationships | Be Authentic | Be Human | Surround yourself with Winners | Be a leader

Types of Marketing Activity - What is working right now?

Where to from here?

I could go on with hundreds of ideas gained from thousands of hours of talking to and implementing marketing for many clients but general advice is not what you need right now. 

You need someone who can look at what you are doing and help you brainstorm what will work. 

What are you waiting for? 

Would you like a complementary, zero obligation marketing audit?