Facebook Advertising – Does it Work?

Should you pay for FB ads?

If you do pay what works, what doesn’t work and how much should you pay?

The answer to should you pay for FB ads is yes and no. (I know you all hate it when I sit on the fence!)

Social Media Statistics Australia for February 2017 reports 17,000,000 users (up 1 million since last update)

With Australia having a population of approximately 24.3 million that means that 70% of the total Australian population is an active monthly Facebook user. This is a very large number that is growing very rapidly, a number that is too large to ignore if you are seriously marketing any product or service anywhere in the world. Let’s think about that number again: 7 out of 10 Australians use Facebook. Clearly if you are not marketing on Facebook why not?

There are ways to create organic (free traffic) on Facebook however it is getting harder and harder. If you are serious about marketing your product/service then paid ads are the way to go. BUT…. 

Which paid ad do you use, how much do you spend and will you get results?

The ads I rarely use are boosts to posts, like campaigns and paying to have a page promoted.  However all other FB paid ads will, if correctly setup and run, produce excellent returns.

What makes a FB ad successful?

  • Specific targeting to ensure it is being placed in the newsfeed of your target clients
  • Professional setup which includes appropriate copy and image (creative) used and the right ad type campaign for the right need
  • Sufficient budget – no $5 a day is not a sufficient budget
  • Good analysis of the results so ad can be tested and tweaked to achieve results
  • Infrastructure setup so that clicking on the ad lands on a product specific landing page. Do not direct to your general website and do not try and sell more than 1 product or service per ad.
  • Being used as part of your overall marketing, not just a stab in the dark “let’s see if this works”

In summary

Yes FB ads do work and you should be using them so long as you are selective about the way they are done, they are setup and managed professionally and you are prepared to inject sufficient capital in to achieve a good result. It really is a case where you pay for what you get. Do not focus on what it will cost you. Focus on your Return on Investment.

Are you ready for FB advertising? 

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