Facebook is Driving us Crazy

How to handle the rampant FB ban hammer.
Here are some hints for prevention and cure. (NOTE: I am not an expert nor do I have a magical link into FB but I have faced this a few times and read a lot of the hints going around). Here are some ways that you can implements immediately to hopefully keep your accounts secure:
  • Be discriminating about the businesses you connect your BM to. Conduct a solid audit before you say yes to working with them. Check for rejected ads, ask then if they have had ad accounts banned. Many will not admit to the mess they have been in until after it happens again
  • Always connect into the clients BM account via FB approved methods. Currently that is by connecting as a partner.
  • If you are going to work with a red flagged business quarantine them away from your other accounts
  • Run 2 business managers and back up ad accounts, sharing the pixel, audiences and ad setups between them
  • Have at least 1 other person as an admin on your business manager and on your ad accounts
  • Do not leave rejected ads in your ad accounts. Get them approved or delete them
  • Keep a copy of setups off Facebook so if you have to rebuild you know what was there. Export campaigns, ad sets and ads. Keep a copy of headlines, copy and creative in use.
  • Run reports regularly and export OFF Facebook so that you have historical data stored where you have control over it
  • Everyone (including your contractors). must have 2 factor authentication in place
  • Only employ contractors who are linking their business managers to reliable accounts. The ban hammer likes to spread like a virus
  • Verify your business in the BM and get your clients to be verified as well
  • Keep your Ad Account clean and rationalized. Remove really old ads (after you have exported the data OFF Facebook)
What to do if it does happen:
  • Don’t panic
  • Have a disaster management plan in place
  • Get onto FB support or your FB rep. Use the automatic ask for a review button but be aware that it often does nothing but still use it.
  • FB chat support comes and goes. Sit on the site at https://www.facebook.com/business/help. or use chat support via your personal profile
  • Stay polite with FB support. They are as frustrated as you are. When you are contacting them have all the details to hand – BM ID, Ad Account ID, Ad ID. Be clear, concise and detailed about the problem about the fact they say you are in the wrong. Get onto chat support immediately and be humble. Fix the issue and try not to do it again
  • Be prepared to have to do it all over again and again for exactly the same reason it all happened before
  • Be prepared to get the backup BM and Ad Accounts up and running while you wait for an outcome.
  • If you cop a personal profile ban start a new account using your same name but different credit card charging details and different IP address. You will need some form of legal photo ID to verify your new account. Hint :use your first, middle and last name or just first and last.

Note: Post was written on 25/11/20 and all information was correct @ that date but is subject to rapid change often.

FB have moved the chat support button yet again. It can now be found in your Business Settings tab within the Business Manager you are having issues with. Click on the help ? on the bottom left hand side and it opens up a column on the right hand side with Contact Support Team and the messenger icon.

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