Help! My Expensive Website is Not Working!

It’s time to build your website or maybe it’s time to make over your existing one.

Simple. You go out and engage a website developer who will put together a fantastic website and charge you an arm and a leg to do so. You pay up and the site is finished and it looks great BUT….

It is not generating any business……..WHY?

A website is a very important part of your marketing and should be the home in which all aspects of your business live. A place that provides the total overview for you, your clients and your potential clients. The way it looks is very important but is not more important than the way it works i.e does it generate money for your business?

As the cost of websites are climbing higher and higher all the time it is not sensible business practice to pay $5, $6 or even $10K on a website that does not deliver $$$$ back to you.

A total website build project consists of a number of  key elements:

  1. Design of the branding – this includes the colours, logo and overall feel the site should take. It happens before you start the website.
  2. Determination of the overall architecture of your site BEFORE you even commence the site build. What is the structure to be, what story are you telling that will lead people through your site? This may be modified slightly as you progress towards later stages but is best determined before you start.
  3. First, second and probably third draft of your content. It does not have to be perfect but you do need some idea of what text and images you are going to use BEFORE you commence the site build.
  4. Building the website – this is when a developer comes into the picture. They will take the items generated in the top 3 tasks and place them within the framework, tweaking the frame to fit the text and images. 
  5. Consultation with a marketer. This needs to happen in conjunction with task 4 so that the website is going to work to generate the money that it has cost you to build.
  6. Website is “finished” and you tweak and test all aspects of its design and function to ensure your get maximum return on your investment.

"Make form and function work together. One without the other means you are throwing money away."

On the basis of this it is very important that before you sign that contract you ensure that all of these steps are going to be fulfilled by the business you will be working with. Many developers will be able to recommend a content creation marketer who will be able to collaborate on insuring your website has both form and function and you will get a return on your investment.

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