How to Achieve Marketing Success

Marketing – what a weird word. Who comes up with these modern buzzwords?

Hang around the Facebook business groups and you will see hundreds of posts from business owners and wannabe business owners asking how to succeed at marketing their businesses.

  • How do they find clients?
  • How do they get clients or customers to buy their products or services?
  • Why is their expensive website not converting?
  • How do I get a return on investment on my Google Adwords or FB ad campaigns?
  • Plus many more questions that are along an identical theme

"Come in close now while I let you in on a very big secret!"

Have a look at the graphic above.

It has three circles that contain the three most important elements of your marketing:

  1. Identify your ideal client – drill right down into age, sex, location, income, interests and as many other factors as you can think of. Do not say all people who want to buy my product/service. You need to get very specific
  2. What are their concerns,  needs or issues? In marketing speak we call this “their pain points”. What do they need you to fix? Not what services you offer but what are their problems in words, thoughts and feelings that they would be using. To find out more about benefits vs features read this blog.
  3. Were do your ideal clients hang out?  Note this is not what sites you do or don’t like or use but what sites do your ideal clients use and look at to get information about what is available to them. If you don’t know which these are then do some market research to find out. Do not assume.
Put these three elements together and you have the basis of your marketing plan.
A great place to start BEFORE you go ahead and develop any other parts of your marketing or online presence.

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