Landing Pages – What, When, Why and How

What is a Landing Page?

There are many terms that get used in marketing and landing page is one of them. A landing page is essentially a type of webpage  used as part of your marketing strategy. They are branded to match your website but deal with one specific product, service or issue. They also do not have a header, footer, menu or sidebars.

Left: A standard website setup. Right: A standard landing page setup.

There are a number of forms of Landing pages – long and short form are the two most common.

Which one you use depends on the goal you require.

When do you use a Landing Page?

They are used when you want a client or target client to perform a specific action or you want to highlight one specific service or piece of information. For example:

  • You are asking for signups to your webinars
  • An ebook or white paper is being given away (or sold)
  • A class is being offered
  • You have a product/service you are offering for sale
  • Your video or website has been launched and you want people to know about it.

As a landing page is more focused than a webpage you use them to drawn attention (and hopefully signups or sales) to ONE aspect only. This is unlike your website which is more general in nature and tells a longer story about your business.

Why are they important?

Your website and landing pages are both important structures and each has a different role in your marketing strategy. A website shows the larger overall story about your business and is where a person who wants more information will look. Landing pages on the other hand are the tool you use to obtain conversions (or sales) of products and services. They are absolutely essential when asking for email signups for sales funnels or webinars. They are also vitally important when undertaking Facebook advertising or Google Adwords. They focus your potential client on 1 factor only and therefore have a much higher conversion rate. They do however have to be instantly recognisable as your business and therefore need to be designed with your branding included.

As more and more people are using social media and mobile devices landing pages are fast becoming more important.

How do I create a Landing Page?

There are many platforms available that you can use to create landing pages. They tend to be fairly expensive because they offer templates that they claim have been tested to ensure you will get a good return on investment (ROI). Some of the platforms include:

  • LeadPages

  • Unbounce

  • Instapage

  • Ontrapages

You can also use a blank page template if your website has one included. However you will not get the advance in most of the added features such as templates, A/B split testing or email sign up integration.

OR You can engage an expert marketer who will be able to advise and prepare a landing page based specifically on the needs of your campaign and product or service. I would be happy to help.

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