Lead Generation Tips

Classic lead generation is about the following steps:
1. Where are you being seen?
2. What are you presenting so they can see what you do and who you have done it for?
3. How simple are you making it for them to contact you?
4. What are you doing for them to be able to stay in contact with you?
Here are key considerations when undertaking lead generation:
1. There are various places you can be seen, places where your expertise is displayed.
Organic posts on your website or social media channels
Paid ads
Providing help in groups
2. Your website must demonstrate your skills and show proof from other satisfied clients?
3. Your social media accounts are important. Don’t fall into the “oh but reach is dead on these” narrative.
3. Simple way to contact – use a booking calendar so they can pick the times that best suits them and which also sends out reminders. Automate this system
4. Use an email program that keeps your name in front of people who have talked to you but are not yet ready to go ahead or who have not yet contacted you.

Lead Generation is the first point in all sales funnels. No matter what product or service you are selling you need people to see what you do and how well you do it. Those then convert into leads.

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