Online Business Manager (OBM) | Operations Manager | Project Manager

Growing from a sole trader and wanting to scale your business can be a nightmare. 

How do you employ staff or contractors? 

What does their role look like? 

Where do you source a person you can trust?

It’s a nightmare if you want to grow. How do you handle:

  • Writing all the standard operational processes needed
  • Lead Generation
  • Client On-Boarding
  • Day to day client communications
  • Project reporting
  • Weekly reports
  • Sub – Contractor – hiring, management and firing

I have helped many businesses navigate the change from sole trader to a much larger business entity. Implementing SOPs and helping you find and onboard the right team and procesess.  I have hundreds of SOPs in my library for a wide variety of project management platforms. I am used to juggling many balls in the air simulatenously. What is better is that I don’t charge an arm and a leg for this invaluable service. Buy as little or as much time as you need.

Please check the terms and conditions carefully as no refunds for unused portions are provided.

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