Pivot and Repurpose

The first most important thing to do right now is to “Breathe”

There is no doubt that we are facing a major worldwide event but this is not the first time the world has and it might not be the last.

 There are things you can do that will help ensure you and your business survives this. 

When the world was thrown into pandemic panic overnight there many businesses were shut down with zero warning.  In particular the arts industry was hit very hard.  Live events were cancelled, recording was stopped, sound stages at major studios were shut down.  Even news channels were affected. 

However this industry is full of highly creative individuals who pivoted rapidly so they could keep on doing what they do best – entertain and inform.

Talk show hosts setup studios in their kitchens, garages and studies. Quickly learning how to produce shows using smart phones and laptops. Yes the lighting was often sub-par while they worked it all out and the guest’s audio and internet connections were a bit touch and go at times.

  • Dr Phil sat at in his kitchen while his wife filmed
  • James Corden setup an elaborate studio in his garage with his music director and guests on video conferencing
  • Stephen Colbert was in his study
  • Jamie Oliver cooked from his kitchen while his wife held the camera and the kids made cameo experiences asking “Is it ready yet, Dad?”
  • Graham Norton was at a tiny desk talking to guests in their homes. He still managed to do the Big Red Chair segment via computer.

Fast forward a few months and most of them are back in their studios.  Many shows have recommended filming with new processes and procedures in place.

Badly hit were the musical and theatre communities as gathering in groups, especially indoors is still heavily regulated and often banned. 

In uncertain times the tough get going.
They innovate, pivot and repurpose to meet new and evolving marketplaces.
They create their own opportunities and disrupt business models.

However they also pivoted and in many instances looked at their output over years of entertaining and repurposed:

  • Many moved to Instagram, Podcasts and YouTube. They knew they still had a story to tell but the delivery mechanism had changed
  • Very experienced musicians like Dolly Parton took years of archives and wrote books about the story behind their many hits
  • Some used to time to explore other artistic niches like poetry and singing. Areas far removed from their normal genre
  • Many musicians worked from their home studios collaborating with their bands via video conferencing.

What can you do to pivot?

What of your work can be repurposed?

How can you think outside the normal way of doing things?


If you say “There is nothing I can do to change”

then you are not thinking hard or creatively enough. 

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Where to from here?

I could go on with hundreds of ideas gained from thousands of hours of talking to and implementing marketing for many clients but general advice is not what you need right now. 

You need someone who can look at what you are doing and help you brainstorm what will work. 

What are you waiting for? 

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