Closer (Business Developer) Case Study


In January 2017 I started working with Cat Howell’s Program up-skilling myself learning more about FB Ads. In that course many people had enrolled who were technically very proficient but were not experienced in closing leads generated by their funnels. They had skills that were better used elsewhere within their business. I started to work as a Business Developer/Closer on many funnels being run by Academy students and Alumni. 

However, by the end of 2017 it was clear demand for this service completely outstripped the number of hours I had available. I needed to clone myself and develop the back-end system to handle this. BUT these were business owners who no money to pay for these services so it needed to be done on a commission only basis. 


  • Provide strategic advice to the agency owner
  • Overview their funnels to advise on effectiveness
  • Recruit and train closers who could handle the volume of calls being booked 
  • Develop, setup and refine a back end system to handle the huge volume of data running through these funnels – thousands of leads, hundreds of forms and bookings, recordings, follow up information.

The Results

Between January and July 2018 the team of myself, 1 Virtual Assistant and 8 Closers had handled 1,297 booked calls, thousands of forms, thousands of recorded hours of conversations and reported all interactions back to 22 agency and business owners. 

I had recorded many tips and tricks on how to close FB Ad Leads and general tips on closing/selling.

A system had been developed to handle the massive amounts of information that was flowing daily from all over the world. 

Businesses had improved their results and funnels on the basis of their interactions with the service.

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