Coaching Business Marketing Case Study


A coaching business was operating in Australia and parts of South East Asia in the area of health and wellness and they had the potential to expand world wide.

Previous results on Facebook  had disappointing returns on Ad Spend (ROAS) results. They were also finding it hard to get people to book to attend live events.

Over time, the services being offered have grown and resulted in a disjointed marketing system  with no consistent sales funnel in place.

Target clients had no clear path to move from free to paid services and then into higher ticket offerings.  Consequently opportunities are being missed at all levels.


  • Streamline their marketing to achieve maximum effectiveness for the least amount of cost
  • Roll out a world wide marketing system
  • Turn the business into a 7 figure  coaching enterprise


  • Perform a full system audit to document current systems and find ways to streamline it for maximum marketing efficiency
  • Rebuild Facebook funnels
  • Test and optimise the FB ad system to produce a full house at each of the face to face events in Australia, Bali and Singapore
  • Build and roll out FB ad funnels for the rest of their programs, including their online healing school
  • Build an online marketing system that could be used world wide

The Results

An extensive marketing audit was conducted over a period of 2 weeks to determine current online infrastructure and how the system did or did not fit together. It looked at a variety of elements:

  • Branding 
  • Website
  • Infusion Soft setup
  • SamCart, Kajabi, LeadPages, Click Funnels
  • Facebook – Pages, Groups, Ads and Business Manager
  • Installation of pixels on various assets
  • Overall effectiveness of the funnel

A new system linking all elements was then created the above online assets.

Live Event Facebook Ad Campaign

The first campaign that rolled out aimed to sell 300 tickets, at 3 price points, to 3 events in a capital city in Australia. Lead time was 5 weeks.

Note at the time of writing this the campaign was still rolling out, so attendance  numbers were not know but we are sure they will be excellent given the early metrics being achieved and the unique ability to be able to tweak Facebook ad campaigns. 

TOF ebook download

Designed to increase the clients list with Australian targets who could then be retargeted to attend events being held in their areas. 

Results to date:

  • 2 of the ads achieve a relevancy score of 10 within 36 hours of launching and while still on a testing budget

After 2.5 days only:

  • Ad spend was less than $50
  • Click through rates were 4.5%
  • Conversion rate was just short of 50%
  • CPC was 39cents
  • Impressions were 2,848 of which over half were in from people in the area of the first live event
  • Good organic social proof was  gained

TOF Video Views

The coach has a great ability to engage via video. This ability was used to excellent effect in a TOF Video Views Campaign

Results  7 hours after launch

  • 1 of the ads achieved a relevancy score of 8 within 7 hours of  launching and while still on a testing budget and a second one had a 7 score 2 hours later
  •  Click through rate was 0.60%, initial conversions ran at 83%, cost per click was already very low, 1000 impressions were gained, ad spend was less than $10
  • The TOF eBook download campaign took off again and already good metrics were improved significantly.
  • Metrics were improving so fast it was impossible to keep track.

Overall Results after 15 days

Relevancy Scores:

  • 9 x 2 Ads
  • 8 x 5 Ads
  • 7 x 9 Ads
  • 6 x 1 Ads

Replication of this ad set in a different state of Australia replicated these relevancy scores

  • 136,096 impressions
  • 1,978 clicks
  • Spent $3,247.22 for a return of $7,564.00
  • Overall Conversion rate of 33.974%
  • 45 orders received
  • 1,553 social clicks

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