CRM Build Case Study


Elise Sernik, the owner of Leadership Space, connected with me via a FB group. She mentioned that she had been struggling to find a person confident of being able to develop and implement a solution to her CRM/Project Management needs. With thousands of contacts, business names, past and present projects she wanted a way to automate what they were doing. A more efficient way to utilise the massive amounts of information she had captured over the last 7 years.

The Needs

  • List all the contacts – clients, partners, associates and all the details about each of those contacts
  • Maintain many details about each current and potential client – Mailchimp signup, LinkedIn connection, Address, Phone Number, Business name etc
  • List all the businesses they could and do work with – where are up to in pitching solutions to them – won and lost, what solution was offered, was the project completed or in progress?
  • What is the next task for each of the current projects, link that back to the deal won, list who on the team is working on that task
  • Map the internal marketing needs of their own business – Website changes, LinkedIn posts, Blogs, FB content etc
  • Set up a CRM and Project Management system that allowed multiple users, all with varying levels of access
  • The new solution needed to be affordable and simple to use 


  • First stage was to learn the needs of the business. 
  • Map the current system, identify the current stake holders, what information was needed, how was it currently being handled
  • Identify the best CRM and Project Management solution to meet the identified needs
  • Import all contacts and business details
  • Setup the Work In Progress (WIP) system 
  • Setup past and present deals to map what had been pitched to who and what was won and lost
“Finding Kareema has been a godsend. We needed someone who could quickly understand our needs, find a technology platform that worked for us, and then help us to bring all our data over. Kareema did all this smoothly and reliably. We now have a single place for all our CRM and Project information that is affordable and easy to use. What a joy!! Huge thanks and highly recommended."
Elise Sernik
Leadership Space


  • Massaged the data before import to ensure that the new database would be free of duplicates and mis-spelling 
  • Imported over 3,000 contacts and nearly 2000 businesses into the CRM
  • Setup all the deals noted in the current WIP report which contained 81 current projects (70% deals and 30% current clients)
  • Set up tasks for all business processes
  • Updated the client and her VA on how the system worked.

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