Klaviyo Email Case Study


Klaviyo is very popular software that is used to automate email campaigns for eCommerce businesses. It can be used with Shopify and WordPress + Woocommerce websites.  It has many powerful features that when, fully implemented, help to increase conversion rates substantially. 


The flow templates are not that helpful and the platform is so good that it can be super confusing to those who don’t know it and who are time poor. If not implemented to it’s full extent it can be costly. Many users often don’t know how to take full advantage of the advanced analytical aspects of the platform.


  • Perform Klaviyo audits that looks at templates, audiences, campaigns and flows
  • Document the flows, audiences, templates and campaigns in use
  • Analyse the flow and campaign results being obtained to assess results
  • Manage ongoing campaigns 
  • Assess the results to determine and improve results

Results in one recent client account: (late September to late November)

  • 28.89% increase in sales
  • Average of 8 more daily orders
  • AOV increase of $3.17 (note increasing of AOV required product and app changes in the Shopify site)
  • 9.68% increase in returning customer rate
  • 24% increase in online store sessions


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