Lead Generation – Coaching Case Study


A Coach in the US was referred to me by another agency who had been working with this person for some months. They wanted generate audiences via FB ads. 

They felt they were no longer aligned with the coach and wanted to hand them over to another marketer. 



  • Provide strategic advice to the coach
  • Overview their FB and IG ad funnels to advise on effectiveness
  • Develop, setup and refine their FB/IG  ads to gain enrollments in their webinars in 3 weeks time
  • Stay within their budget whilst delivering a large number of webinar signups.


Results were assessed using the following metrics:

  • Email Open rates – pre and post webinar
  • Landing page views – for all 3 webinars
  • Numbers signing up for the webinars – for all 3 webinars
  • FB / IG Ad Metrics – impressions, leads, budget spent, CTR, cost per landing page view

Over 10 days:

  • 82,337 Impressions
  • $829.08 Ad Spend Cost
  • 580 Landing Page Views
  • $1.43 cost per landing page view
  • Cost per click of $0.94

Over first week (2 webinars) the two landing pages had:

  • Unique Visitors: 927
  • Conversion rates of 20% and 13% 
  • The second webinar had a lower conversion rate because ads were only run for a few days and the copy was changed mid campaign and did not match the copy on the ads. 

Email open rates of first email upon registration.

Email open rates across pre and post registration sequences.

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