Not For Profit Advertising Case Study


Sadly, due to recent events, we are more than likely about to see an explosion in the need for marketing for Not For Profit groups.  Over the years as a digital marketer I have been asked to build landing pages, Opt-ins, Google Ad words and Facebook + Instagram ads for many Not For Profit organisations. 

The Needs

The main needs of NFP organisations are:

  1. To raise awareness of their existence
  2. To get donations


  • Donations need the following:
    • A great landing page that is specific to one thing only – donating money
    • A fantastic ad campaign also focused on that 1 call to action
    • Great awareness and targeting of the right people who want to support the organisations goals.
    • Understanding of the nuances of Goggle Ads vs Facebook vs Instagram
  • Build a great website that is simple with an excellent story:
    • Why this organisation exists?
    • Who is behind it?
    • What results have they achieved?
    • Stories of real people who have benefited
  • Create a FB business page that has a clearly defined posting strategy at a minimum of biweekly for 3 months
  • Educate internal social media staff on how to maintain engagement on the page and how to drive likers to the page.

Landing Pages  need the following:

  • Copy that talks to the emotion the target person feels then they connect with the organisation
    • e.g. did they have that disease or know someone who did?
    • did they experience what the recipients of the NFP group experience?
    • Are they well off and now want to give back to their community in a way that helps them feel satisfied?

The biggest mistake I see NFP’s doing is they ask people to donate based on the why they are doing this as an organisation and not based on why people donate. 

The copy needs to be very emotive. 

Videos work very well as they can evoke emotional feelings.

The landing page needs to be focused only on the following:

  • The problem 
  • How the organisation fixes that problem
  • What you want people to do next (like the page or donate or both)

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