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I was engaged by OEMG-Global to rebrand their business and complete a new website. OEMG had been looking for a marketing agency (as I was working as an agency at that time) that understood their vision and could convert that into both their branding and their website.

My daughter was working with me at the time as a graphic designer and she came up with the complex design that is used to represent their services.

Their old website had been built some years ago on HTML and was highly technical.  In addition I created a YouTube channel and revamped the LinkedIn personal profile of one of the company directors.

Additional features:

This site required that two completely different target clients were reached. It also required that a great deal of highly technical information, images and projects be accommodated. Whilst the site has gone on to have other information added DOS provided the technical, design and marketing of the site. This site proves that well designed, template site can be effectively managed by the clients, without it being broken as some years on the site is still functioning well and is managed by the client.

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I used the WP theme Elite Masters which was capable of handling the project basis needed while still being easy for the client to manage and adapt longer term. However Elementor Pro is possibly what I would use now as it now offers these features. 

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