OwnItHomes Website

This was a very challenging website to build. Initially the client had approached me to complete marketing work and update an existing site. Extensive investigation revealed however that the site was built on WordPress but was extensively custom coded and was very close to total collapse. Virtually nothing could be edited or updated, including WordPress core files.  Compounding the project was the issue that they had an unstable site that was on the verge of collapse while they were in the middle of a major marketing plan. Ideally a complete refresh was required but that was too big a project to be tackled while needing a site to direct their marketing to.

The clients needed a site that contained their complete portfolio of homes but which could be edited by staff who had only a basic knowledge of WP. 

It was a very challenging project but happily Elementor Pro was available and during the site build (approximately 5 months) it was constantly being updated with new features.  The bulk of this, nearly 120 page site was built entirely using Elementor with no custom coding. 

This project demonstrated how good Elementor is as a drag and drop editor for even those businesses who want to DIY their own website build and management.  Whilst still handling many complex features that previously needed custom coding. 

Client requirements were very specific and included:

  • A clean and bright site with a very specific colour palette and home page set out
  • That all aspects of the site could be edited by staff with limited WP knowledge
  • A large number of the pages and items within each page needed to be easily cloned and edited

Client has since gone on to totally refresh the look of this website as was recommended because it was getting dated and their business was evolving.

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