Project Manager (Facebook Agency) Case Study


Between September 2018 and April 2020 I contracted as the Project Manager,  running a team of specialists, for a Sydney based advertising agency.  

Over that time we ran 6 client eCommerce FB funnels and over 30 Real Estate Lead Funnels.  Over the course of that period we handled millions of dollars in property listings and hundreds of dollars in FB ad spend and FB ad conversions.

My role was to:

  • Provide strategic advice to the agency owner
  • Help them build the business from the ground up so they could scale from very little income per month up to considerable $ per month
  • Identify, setup and run the extensive business systems needed 
  • Handle all client interactions
  • Assist in selection of new contractors
  • Train and supervise all contractors on a daily basis
  • Setup the background systems required to produce a completely new Real Estate lead generation system for off the plan land sales, apartments and house and land packages
  • Provide and edit most of the copy used in the business, all ad and email copy
  • Write scripts for and train the appointment setters


  • Navigate the minefield of marketing + sales + systems development + HR 
  • Roll out a FB lead ad system for Real Estate that could continue to produce consistent results over and over without excessive setup time
  • Provide solutions to fix the heavy growth needs of the agency
  • Support the agency owner in those times when going was tough, whilst still allowing them to have their much needed family time
  • Turn the business into a 7 figure agency


  • Perform a full system audit to document current systems and find ways to streamline and enhance to obtain maximum marketing efficiency
  • Rebuild Facebook funnels
  • Find and nurture the best possible contractors 
  • Manage and report daily on the many elements that went into this system, across FB, Project Management Software, ManyChat, Active Campaign and many other pieces of essential software. 
  • Take the agency from a very limited income per month with only a couple of clients to close to a million dollars a year in revenue.

The Results

After about six months the agency decided to stop providing eCommerce solutions and concentrate on scaling the real estate side of the business.  Sadly CoronaVirus hit in March 2020 and the agency owner felt they needed to significantly downside their agency and I moved onto other things. At that point the following had been achieved:

  • Creation of a comprehensive templated back end system
  • Proofing of the FB funnels, call and email system to provide consistent top quality results
  • Highly trained appointment setters and  FB Ad funnel builders + the system in place to support their positions
  • Templates of all systems to allow for future growth of the agency
  • Major changes to the agencies website and their agency lead generation system

Real Estate Results (13/9/18 – 5/4/20)

  • 3 million impressions
  • 5,781 leads
  • 48,841 link clicks
  • 269,488 post engagements
  • 12,461 calls made
  • 25, 211 emails sent

Millions of $ in property sold

eCommerce Results

Note: Some of these campaigns were managed by a contractor but for all accounts I was the person who had the responsibility to drive the campaigns and in most cases also provided the copy used. 6 eCommerce campaigns were managed during my time at this agency.

  • All of these accounts were difficult to manage for various reasons 
  • We drove high numbers of impressions and acceptable ROAS results in all cases.
  • Major issue was that they were not good FB ad candidates but despite that excellent results were obtained.

Writing and setting up emails is the first part of the battle.

But seeing email open rates as demonstrated here is the aim. 

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