Project Manager (Marketing) Case Study


With over 30 years in Sales and Marketing, plus my experience across many facets of marketing, I am often called upon for short term or longer term contracts as the Project Manager or Operations Manager for agencies that are new or undergoing expansion. There is a critical point in which all agencies need to evolve and scale from one man bands to teams.  That is hard to do without the critical technical know how and experience.


  • Provide strategic advice to the agency owner
  • Overview their marketing and ad funnels to advise on effectiveness
  • Recruit and train contractors
  • Develop, setup and refine back end systems to enable automated processes and remove the need for constant emails and meetings
  • Run agencies in the absence of the owner

The Results

For reasons of NDA I am not in a position to name the agencies I have worked with. 

As an overview I have:

  • Taken one agency from zero per month to mid six figures each month over a short period of time
  • Audited hundreds of online marketing assets and provided clear and practical ways to improve
  • Built effective systems using hundreds of pieces of software 
  • Replaced the agency owner for 6 weeks while she traveled overseas
  • Built and managed overseas contracting teams
  • Created FB funnels, sales funnels and websites for many agencies and their clients
In one particular situation I was asked to create an online course (live and evergreen) for a coach in the health and wellness area. This involved making multiple platforms communicate with each other and then moving the entire system to one that was automated and evergreen. 
The client was able to enroll students in her first course for a return of $51k on her investment. The system was then used to continue to enroll many other students each time the course was opened. 

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