Website Building Case Study


I have been building websites for fun since the old Geocities days back in the 90’s. Over the years I have worked in many different platforms but today I work mostly in WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace and Wix. Most of the time people come to me because their website is no longer doing what it needs to do, they need additional marketing functionality or their website is not converting. Sometimes the site has actually collapsed. 


  • Provide strategic advice to the business owner
  • Preform a comprehensive overview of their current website from a technical and marketing point of view. This includes key conversion rate optimisation (CRO) principles
  • Provide solutions to fix any issues identified. This solution looks not just at how to create a site but also what is the best site for their needs
  • Performing the work
  • Training the business in how to run their new site to avoid future issues and allow maximum flexibility

The Results

For reasons of NDA I am not in a position to name the businesses I have worked with. There has also been too many of them to document.

As an overview I have:

  • Rebuilt an old HTML site with completely new marketing strategy and graphical representation of their highly complex engineering business. This business owner had been looking for years for a marketer who was capable of understanding their highly technical world.
  • Helped a healer create a website that accurately reflected her approach to healing and provided her with a website she could manipulate
  • Worked with a WP site that was 120 pages in size but that had completed collapsed on the backend and no editing of the site was possible. The entire site was assessed and rebuilt on Elementor so they could edit it as often as they needed
  • Added a great deal of backend plugins to improve marketing functionality of many sites.
  • Moved websites from Wix or Weebly to WordPress. Also move and/ or updated Shopify sites.
I AM STUNNED AT HOW GOOD THIS WEBSITE NOW IS ! It shines not only because of your technical know how but also with your intelligence and understanding of my field. Awesome. If colleagues want to know who designed it I will happily pass on your name.
Annie O'Grady
EFT Emotional Healing

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