Successful Graphic Designer Relationships

Today I will be discussing the topic of working and developing a good relationship with a graphic designer. While most of these points can be put to use in any working relationship, I will focus on the fundamental attributes to this particular area, stemming from my own working experiences.

A good designer can be your saving grace when it comes to taking your work and your clients to the next level. Work with them, not against them. That being said, there are thousands of designers out there and many of them have different niches and methods of working. So it’s important to find one that can aid you and allows for a good working relationship.

One of the fundamental steps that should be taken when establishing a working relationship with a graphic designer is establishing if you are a good fit for each other. While it can take a while to build up the working connection, some of the easiest steps in initial conversations that should be addressed are:

  • Working methods
  • How does this particular designer like to work?
  • How do they like to convey their own ideas?
  • How do they normally go about taking on board client ideas and putting them into a finished product?
  • Ask them about their workflow
  • Their processes of brainstorming and development of designs

Keep in mind that these discussion points are applicable for both parties involved. The point of creative engagement is to bring different ideas to the table and collate them towards the final product and designs. At the end of the day keeping a smooth workflow between yourself and your designer, is the most productive way to see results.

Having a clear notion of where you want the designs to go is incredibly important. It is the designer’s job to best interpret your ideas in order to bring them to life. It’s fairly common for you both to have different ideas initially; this is a positive aspect of having different minds working together. Yet it is crucial that the direction of the design is established early, otherwise a barrage of problems will surface further down the track.

I also cannot stress the importance of maintaining open and fluid communication. So many business relationships end because of this, if something is not working discuss it, get back on track, otherwise you will both end up with an end product that neither of you are happy with. This only ends with the likelihood that you will have to find another designer and it will be a waste of time for both parties.

So a quick recap on successfully maintaining a good relationship with your designer:

  1. Establish early on if you are the right match for each other
  2. Maintain a mutually cohesive creative vision
  3. Open communication, make sure you’re both on the same playing field, throughout the entire process

I hope this article helps you to establish the right working relationship with a creative designer.


Kathleen Freeman is a graphic designer and freelance writer; she is currently undertaking a Media and Communications degree. In her spare time she likes to dabble in ukulele playing and film watching.

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