What Before the How!

Every day I am asked questions about how to do webpages, landing pages, Facebook posts, set up social media accounts, produce advertising materials, find a particular client type, start or expand an online business. How to make it all work together, which program or app to use and many other questions that plague a person setting up or expanding their business.

The what, when, how and why are certainly extremely important questions but in my opinion the first and most important questions to ask before all others is………………


What do I want to do?

If I do not implement it what will happen? If I do implement it what will happen?

If the answer is nothing will happened if I don’t implement it then stop right there as it clearly is not going to add anything to your business and will just cost you time and money to set up and maintain. However if the answer is that it is important to your business then great go ahead and start asking all the other questions. How do I do this, when do I do this and what do I need to do to achieve this?

Once you know what it is that you want to do the rest is easy. You will not fall into the trap of having spent thousands of dollars and many stressful hours trying to answer the how.

It can be that simple.

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