WordPress Websites Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully before signing up. 

If you need a website that has other features not described in our cost effective WordPress website package then please contact me to discuss your needs.

What are these WP sites suitable for?

They are suitable for a basic website presence only. Designed to help business owners get onto the internet in a fast and efficient way without having to try and work out what platform is best or how to navigate the technical issues and without the added hassle of keeping the site up to date.

Do I own the website?

No all websites are owned by Dynamic Online Service however once you have paid in full and the site has been delivered you can transfer the site to your own hosting account.  Minimal cost will apply to complete the transfer. They are designed to allow business owners to get a basic WordPress website up and running fast and efficiently.

You are not locked into the package and at any time can copy your website setup and move it to a new hosting. 


Do I get a domain name?

No the package doesn't include a domain name.  If you wish me to set your domain name to point to the site that can be arranged at minimal cost.

Are these sites setup for e-Commerce?

The WooCommerce plugin will be installed but only basic setup is included in the price quoted.  I am available to configure and add products if you need this for additional costs. Website editing packages can be used for this. 

Email or CRM connection

These sites are not configured with email or CRM connections.  I am available to configure this if needed. Website editing packages can be used for this. 

Are my social media accounts connected?

The icons and links to your social media accounts are added.  Other than that no feeds from your social media via plugins are configured. I am available to configure these if required. Website editing packages can be used for this. 

What access do I get to the site admin?

You get full access to WP Admin of the site. However if you damage the site you will be quoted to fix it. Backups are kept weekly but there is work required to retrieve a damaged site.  Once the site is handed over and you require changes that you don't feel confident making I am available to make any changes needed.

Minor changes are included in the package cost. More extensive changes are possible and you will be quoted on the cost involved. Please consider purchase a reasonably priced plan for additonal work. 

Backup of your site

A backup plugin is installed and backups are run weekly or more often if changes are being made. 

Is a contact form/page included?

Yes a contact us page is included with a basic contact form of name, email and message.

Can I have a blog on the site

Yes a blog page is included  however no blogs are included in this introductory price.

What happens after the 12 months is up?

You can either elect to stay on my hosting account using a website management agreement or move the site to your own hosting (cost will be incurred). 

How much will it cost to get changes made ?

Due to my decades of experience building and modifying WordPress sites minor changes are included in the package cost. More extensive changes are possible and you will be quoted on the cost involved.

What happens if I want to stop earlier than 6 or 12 months.

If you have opted to pay for the site in 6 or 12 monthly installments and wish to discontinue before the period is up you are required to pay the remains in full before discontinuing. 

How long will it take to build?

That really depends on how quickly you approve the site. These sites can be ready in a little as 1 month however you must be timely in replying to approval requests and supplying content such as logos and images requested.

Can I put other functions or pages on my site?

You sure can.  Aa a full design and marketing business I can meet all your needs. All you have to do is ask. Additional costs will be incurred but you will find they are affordable.

The simple steps to getting a new WordPress website within 1 month.

1. A call with Kareema to discuss your needs

You meet online with Kareema to discuss your needs and to ensure that one of these cost efficient websites are the best option for your business.

2. You e-sign an agreement of services

You will be sent an agreement to sign electronically.


3.. Your payment is made

To get started you will need to make your first payment. This will either be $499 in full or the 6 or 12  monthly payment option.


4. Complete online brief

You complete an online brief form about your business and website requirements. 

5. Choose your website style

These are cost efficient websites that are designed using templates with minimal customization (other than colours, text and images). You will receive 4 options to choose from. 

6. Design Stage

Your website will be started and you will give a link to a preview within 20 working days.

7. Amendments Stage

After seeing the first draft of your site and meeting with Kareema you will have the opportunity to note any changes you require. You get 2 edits to your site in the design phase.

However you will be able to perform edits once your site is live.

8. Website is published

Once your site is signed off and your domain name is connected it will be live.

9. Training

A date will be set for an online training session of basic functions. 

WordPress Website Template Options

There are many templates available for use. This is just a small selection of those available. All are built using Elementor Pro and all templates are fully customizable. The idea is to select the one closest to the look and feel that best suits your brand. 

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