Your Needs are the Most IMPORTANT Issue!

WARNING: Rant alert!!!

Ok here I am on my soapbox.

I spend hours each day talking to people, online or in person. These people have one major issue in common. They all have a problem with their results.

  • Websites not converting
  • Facebook page not getting engagement
  • Emails not opening
  • High unsubscribe rates
  • Facebook adds not working
  • The list is endless……

I am astounded at how many people have no idea who their target market is, have done no research on how to promote in that target market. They have invested thousands of dollars into the bottomless pit of marketing, often based on the endless round of gurus who tell them how they have made 6 figure incomes using their wonderful system they designed and please sign up here with your credit card.

I am saddened by how many websites I look at that have cost thousands of dollars and do not meet the needs of the client. Upset at how often I hear people advised to just use {insert option} when they have not taken the time to ask “What are your needs?” Post on social media that you need to find {insert solution} and you will be bombarded with answers that will leave you confused and bewildered.

They have not stopped to work out their needs before investing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in programs that may or may not meet their needs.


What do I recommend?

  1. Spend time and money on working out who your ideal clients are, what their needs (pain points) are and where do they hang out. This needs to be as detailed as possible. Age, sex, interests, location, income, what they had for breakfast and are they morning or evening people. Drill right down so that you have a very clear picture in your mind of who that person is, what they look like, what they like and dislike, where they live, what their lifestyle is, where they hang out, what their habits are. Most importantly this needs to be done BEFORE you open for business, before you purchase any software or get your website made.
  2. Before you go looking for the technology you need write down your list of needs. Not what you want the software or program to do but what information you need to collect, what information or solution do you need as the outcome? DO NOT look for the solution yet.
    • What data is going in and what data is to come out?
    • What are you going to do with the data you get out?
    • What need does this solution need to fix?
  1. Then with this list in mind look for the solution. Make the solution match your needs and not the other way around. You may not get a 100% match but you are looking for the solution that gives you the highest possible percentage and will suggest other programs to meet the needs it can’t. Programs it is designed to link with.
  2. Do not go on social media or talk to people asking what they are using – because their needs are not your needs.
  3. Do go on social media and ask what people are using but only after your list of needs is set.

The program should not dictate your needs- your needs must dictate the program you select. It will save you money and will produce results.

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